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About Vom Westermans German Shepherds
We Love Our German Shepherds

Our love for the German Shepherd breed began over 15 years ago. As time passed our knowledge and experience increased, as did our commitment to learn even more about them. We began to focus on Championship Breeding and paying much closer attention to the superb pedigrees of our German Shepherds. Our German Shepherds are truly Top of The Line! Each of our GSDs have "World Class" Champion pedigrees and bloodlines. Many of them have outstanding show ratings, awards and certifications. German Shepherds will always be a part of our family for years to come. They bring a joy and majesty to our lives that we never want to be without.

World Class GSD Pedigree - Quality German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
Vom Westerman German Shepherds have World Class pedigrees with the highest breed requirements. Adults and young dogs have hips and elbows certified. All are AKC registered and most are registered with the German SV.
Fun and Active German Shepherd Puppies For Sale
Our German Shepherds get regular exercise both in and out of the house. Those that are old enough enjoy regular training. All of our dogs are socialized with other animals and other dogs.
Our GSDs are fed a Healthy Diet to be Healthy and Active
Our dogs are fed an excellent diet of protein rich, high quality kibble, and natural foods geared for balanced growth, performance and peak nutritional wellness.
We Home-Raise our German Shepherds to promote a happy and healthy temperament
We take the health and happiness of our German Shepherds and your new best friend very seriously. All of our dogs and puppies are vet checked regularly, dewormed and have all age appropriate shots. Our family and working environment here on the farm insures that our dogs have the individual attention, exercise and stimulation he or she needs to be a happy well rounded dog.
We Home-Raise our German Shepherds to promote a happy and healthy temperament
Our German Shepherds make great security personal protection guard dogs. They are very loyal and loving family dogs with fantastic temperaments.
Our German Shepherds have plenty of room inside our home and outside on Goshen Farm
We raise our German Shepherds in the country here at Goshen Farms. They live in and out of our clean, spacious home. They are rotated into our home from their custom heated and cooled specially prepared "Dog Barns". Each German Shepherd Puppy has lots of time playing, working and resting outdoors too.
Our German Shepherds have plenty of room inside our home and outside on Goshen Farm
Through our partnership with various well qualified trainers throughout the United States we can make Custom Training of your new German Shepherd puppy or an existing dog a reality. Every German Shepherd has natural instincts for work and protection. We periodically have Young Trained German Shepherds for sale. Our German Shepherd Protection / Guard dogs are highly sought after.
DAR Transportation is utilized by Vom Westermans German Shepherds - Safe and Reliable

Transportation arrangements for our puppies are made with DAR Transportation LLC, a very safe, comfortable and reliable company. They are located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. "Mark is by far the best dog transporter I have ever seen. Very respectful and considerate of our furry friends." Pictured here is Mark Johnson during his delivery of "Token" to his new home.

At Vom Westerman German Shepherds We Love Our GSDs

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